Daycare Services

Our daycare service is offered in our home. That means, your dog gets to spend the day with us in a comfortable and private setting. The focus isn't on interacting with a ton of other dogs. Instead, when your dog stays with us for the day they get us all to themselves.

Take advantage of our easy online booking system by clicking the link below. It will take you to our booking software and allow you to request a date. If you've never stayed with us before, we will need to conduct a short meet & greet, plus get your pups vaccine records to ensure everyone's safety.

KEEPING IT SIMPLE... Because We Know Families :)

What Our Clients Have to Say…

“To say we got difficult puppy would be a huge understatement... she is all the horrible things you dread in having a puppy rolled into one gigantic monster! 😅 but Bill was there every step of the way to help and guide us through every challenge! His techniques, knowledge and wisdom are not something you can simply Google, I tried... our koda bear has grown tremendously since training with Bill and the lessons he's taught us have made us better to teach her! 100% recommend B2B Dog Training!!”

Melissa & Dog - Koda
Puppy Training

“Honestly, I could not say enough wonderful things about Bill and his very positive techniques. His skill with our puppy and children was amazing. He has taught us so much and has helped to harness our lab's excitement and jumping. The experience was exactly what we were looking for and we couldn't be more grateful for his assistance. I would highly recommend Bill if you are looking for a positive training experience. Thank you to Bill and Jersey!!!”

Elisa & Dog - Lily
Puppy Training

“You were very gracious over the phone. We didn’t feel any judgement, we didn’t feel like this was an issue we could not solve. You had a lot of confidence that made us feel very comfortable and confident too. Its a great program. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.”

Heather & Dog - Charlie
Reactivity Program